Sveikatal, Inc.: Opportunities for Productive Investments


     Sveikatal is developing drugs for several major classes of disorders for which current treatment is either lacking or inadequate.  The program is based on strong pre-clinical data.  The drugs or drug combinations are first-in-class for major medical problems.


     In some cases, there is no current therapy (liver disease), while in other cases (type 2 diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and head and neck cancer) there are current therapies, but our drug candidates may offer significant advantages over current therapy.  Because our drug candidates act by  different mechanisms compared to current therapies, they offer the potential for combination therapy.  For example, our therapy for type 2 diabetes may slow the progression of the disease by preserving insulin secreting cells to prevent progression to insulin dependent diabetes.  It may also address insulin resistance, which is a not a target for any current therapy.  There is no current medical therapy for fatty liver disease, a condition that is common and may progress to more serious conditions like NAFLD or NASH (Non-Alcoholic Fatty LIver Disease or Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis.)


     Each of these indications offers a billion dollar market opportunity.  To bring these drugs to market, Sveikatal has established a business plan and each step of this plan will increase the value of our intellectual property.  Sveikatal is seeking investments and partnerships that provide funding and expertise to execute these plans.