Head and Neck Cancer


     The Problem.  Every year 40,000 people in the US are diagnosed with head and neck cancer and almost half as many die of this difficult to treat and often disfiguring disease.  Better therapies for this disease are a pressing, unmet medical need.  Current therapies include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.  Patients in remission suffer a high rate of relapse, which leads to additional efforts with the same types of therapy. 

     The Solution.  The founding researchers of Sveikatal have discovered a novel drug combination that reduces the occurrence of head and neck cancer in an experimental model.  This is a first-in-class therapy that probably acts by promoting differentiation of pre-cancer cells, so it may also work as a combination therapy with other therapies. 
     The Next Milestones.  Translating this treatment to humans requires us to demonstrate safety and effectiveness.  Our immediate milestone it to do toxicology and pharmacological studies to prepare for the submission of an IND (Investigative New Drug) application to the FDA.  These drugs do not have major, known side effects; and, indeed, the FDA already approved one of them for another purpose.  Although specific drugs have been identified and could be part of a therapy, related, new drugs can and should be identified.

      The investment opportunity.  Sveikatal, Inc. estimates that the enterprise value of this drug combination should be  $0,5 to 1.6 billion  annually in the US alone.  This project has the potential to provide substantial health benefits to patients and substantial profits to early investors.  Sveikatal, Inc. seeks investors and partners to provide the resources needed to help shoulder this venture.


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