For your health!

Sveikatal's Scientific Foundation

Sveikatal is developing drug candidates that can treat major diseases, including type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease, hyperlipidemia, and cancer.


Sveikatal’s discovery and IP platform is based on more than twenty years of cutting-edge research on vitamin A and its metabolites, developed at Cornell University and Weill Cornell Medical College (New York, USA).  This program continues to be supported by National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other organizations. 


Preclinical studies have already identified promising compounds that treat four different diseases.  These drug candidates may provide  novel therapies for a major classes of diseases with either no current treatments or treatments that need to be dramatically improved.


The Lithuanian Phrase 'i Sveikata!' can be translated as 'to your health.'

  • Vitamin A is key for good vision, a healthy immune system, and cell growth. Vitamin A is found in both plants and animals. Beta-carotene, which comes from plants,  is a second type (precursor) of vitamin A.  Vitamin A can be converted to a number of metabolites, which are called retinoids.  
  • Metabolites of Vitamin A and Vitamin A analogs can bind to receptors that modify gene expression.
  • Drugs that mimic the biological activity of Vitamin A are already used clinically for indications as diverse as cutaneous lymphoma, acne, and acute promyelocytic leukemia (see Annual Review of Pathology (2011) 6:345-64).